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It takes many people for our events to run smoothly.  We would love to have you on our Volunteer Team!

Why volunteer?  Premier shopping time and also it is lots of fun!  Shifts available during the day, evening and weekends.  Unable to volunteer 4 consecutive hours - we are willing to split your shift during two different days.


We have many options available for our volunteers!

Anyone can volunteer; You do not need to be a consignor.  There are several positions that do not require being on your feet for long periods of time, so if you need to be problem.


Volunteer jobs include:

  • helping with consignor drop off

  • crowd control

  • straightening and organizing items

  • sorting unsold items after the sale

  • Volunteers are needed for ONLY 4 hours

  • Volunteers can work all 4 consecutive hours or split your shift during two days.

  • Volunteers can choose to BARTER. See below for more details!

  • Sorting shift is optional. Volunteers are eligible for 75% of earnings if you volunteer for a total of 8 hours. You can split your 8 hours into TWO 4 hour shifts. 

  • Consignors who are volunteering that fail to show up for their shift will only receive 50% of their total sales.

  • If you are unable to meet your obligated shift and can't find a replacement, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • If you are not a consignor and shop the volunteer pre-sale, but do not show up for your shift, you will not be permitted to volunteer in a future event.

  • Volunteers are asked to show up 15 minutes before your shift is scheduled to begin.

  • Volunteers need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

  • Volunteers will be provided with light snacks and water.

12 HOUR Shifts

12 Hour volunteers will receive:

  • 75% of their sales!

  • No consignor fee!

  • Early shopping pass for regular & half price sales!!

  • free BFAW t-shirt!


12 Hour volunteer GUIDELINES

  • must work 3 (4 hour) shifts 

  • one shift must be sorting at end of sale.

  • one shift must be drop off

  • YOU must be the one to work, may not be split with someone else

  • No bartering allowed for any of the shifts

Sorting Shift

 Sorting volunteers will receive:

  • No consignor fee!

  • Early shopping pass for regular & half price sales!!

  • Take home unsold items after your shift (if you choose to)!

What will I do during the sorting shift?

  • This is NOT the traditional breakdown!! 

  • This is a 4 hour shift.

  • We will put the unsold clothing items into sort code order (A-Z).

  • We will straighten and somewhat organize the sales floor to ensure all items are in the correct "department"/size.

  • If you want, you may take your items with you as you leave after your shift is complete.

8 Hour Shift

8 Hour volunteers will receive:

  • 75% of their sales!

  • No consignor fee if you choose sorting as one of your shifts!

  • Early shopping pass for regular & half price sales!!

4 Hour Shift

4 Hour volunteers will receive:

  • Early shopping pass for regular & half price sales!

Bartering Options
  • Bartering takes the place of one 4 hour shift.

  • Provide lunch for a total of 4 people one day of the sale.

  • Provide supplies such as paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, water, snacks, soft drinks, etc. Contact Brittany for specific details and quantities. 

  • Provide a $25 gift certificate (with receipt) for supplies to Target, Walmart, Office Depot or Costco.

  • Provide a $25 gift certificate to a restaurant.

Ready to volunteer?

 Volunteers receive passes to our presale and complimentary refreshments during their shifts. Not only do volunteers get to shop early at the presale, they also get to shop early for Half Price Day!

We need YOU! Shifts are limited and will fill up fast! 

 Questions about Volunteering? Contact Brittany at

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