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We are proud to serve our state of Georgia and beyond! Shoppers come from all over Georgia,  Tennessee, Alabama and beyond to purchase excellent quality merchandise at affordable prices.

Upcoming Events

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No upcoming events at the moment


Are children allowed at the pre-sales? 

No. There is a great deal of shoppers and for everyone's safety we must stick to this rule. Bring a tape measure and your child's measurements and enjoy a Mom's Night Out!

How do I carry my items while shopping? 

Please bring a tote or laundry basket. We have also been known to use large trash cans with wheels!

Do you accept cards?

We do accept debit and credit cards, but we ask that you save those for transactions over $10.

How do I get there? 

From Chattanooga: When traveling I-75 South, take the first GA exit 353, turn right. Pass Costco, we are 200 yards on the right in the huge Gateway Mall & Business Center. 

Spring 2023 Overview

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