Tagging Service

Tagging Service



  1. Gather your unwanted and outgrown items that are recall “free” and in excellent condition. 
  2. SORT your items by GENDER & SEASON. (Ex: All girls clothing & shoes that are SPRING/SUMMER OR All boys clothing & shoes that are FALL/WINTER.) 
  3. All clothing should be turned right side out and free of dirt, stains, tears, etc.
  4. LABEL your bags or boxes with your name or consignor number AND what it is. (Ex: GIRLS SUMMER CONS #0101)
  5. Schedule a meet up time to drop off your items.
  6. Pick up your check or have it mailed!



  1. Hang, bag, and group all items.
  2. Enter all items into tagging system with price, size and description.
  3. Barcode items.
  4. Drop off at sale location.
  5. Donate or sort items for storage.

We also provide all of our own supplies, such as but not limited to:

  • hangers
  • safety pins
  • tagging guns
  • tagging barbs
  • tape
  • plastic baggies
  • printer ink
  • cardstock
  • labels
  • zip ties
  • rubber bands




There is no cost to the consignor upfront or out of pocket. Our taggers will tag and prepare every item you drop off (that is in “sellable” condition) but will only get paid on what actually sells.  As a consignor you will still be responsible for the $10 consignor fee that will be automatically deducted from your earnings check.

 Once BFAW (Kid’s Zone or Grown Zone) takes their portion; 30% for consignors who choose  to not volunteer; then you split your net earnings check with the tagger 50/50.  The “Taggers” are not employees of BFAW and is only doing contract work therefore the sale percentage itself is not effected.


Gross Sales – KZ/GZ Percentage (30%) – Consignor Fee ($10) = Net Sales divided by 2.


Just to clarify:

All consignors receive 70% of gross sales.

All consignors can choose to volunteer and earn higher percentages and earlier shopping times! See the “VOLUNTEER” page for more details.

This service is extremely popular and in HIGH demand. If you are interested, please email me today to schedule your appointment as the availability is limited.


Please be aware that once you register for a VIP consignor number, that consignor number will be VIP for life. If you ever decide to tag for yourself, you will be required to re-register and re-enter your own items with a NEW consignor number. This is the only fair option to ensure the tagger receives their full pay for the work they did each season. 


Kid's Zone FALL 2021 DEADLINE is Saturday, July 17, 2021. We will NOT be able to accept any new drop offs for the Kid's Zone spring sale after this date. 

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