FULL TAGS using our system

  • Register HERE to get your consignor number.
  • Once registered, simply log in to enter items.
  • Click "Enter Items".
  • Enter price, discount/donate option (yes or no), size and description. (You can leave catagory blank).
  • Click "Add Item".
  • Once all your items are entered, click "Print Tags". Note* You do not have to enter all your items at once. If you enter a few and need to leave and re-open later, the MYCM system will automatically save your items.
  • Tags must be printed on cardstock only (regular).
  • If you DO NOT want your item to go 50% off on the last day, please put a RED X above the price!
  • Do not edit tags, such as white-out, mark outs, etc. (this is for your protection)
  • Be careful about overpricing your items. The majority of items priced reasonably DO sell!
  • All items to be DONATED must be HIGHLIGHTED on the right edge. If you plan to DONATE your items, you MUST highlight the very (RIGHT) edge of your tags. We won't sort these items, they will be pulled very first to be donated at the end of the sale! Please make sure you HIGHLIGHT (any color)!  ALL consignors who do not pick up and have not highlighted, will have $20.00 deducted from their checks. This makes a HUGE difference in the sorting shift on the last day.
  • You will need to provide a SELF ADDRESSED, SELF STAMPED envelope if you do not plan to pick up your check and want it mailed.

Printing FULL TAGS

  • Once you have finished entering price, size, description, and discount/donate option click "Print Tags".
  • Select the drop down box for showing the most possible entries so that you see all your entries at once.
  • Select "FULL TAG-8 per page"  
  • Scroll to far right side just about your entries where it says "TAG STATUS" and click drop down to choose "NOT Generated". This will show all items NOT yet printed. NEVER skip this step anytime you are ready to print. This will ensure you don't print duplicates.
  • Click "Refresh" to show all tags not generated.
  • Check "ALL" box to select all tags to be printed.
  • Click "Generate Tags" beside "FULL TAG" box at top. In order to view and print your barcodes, you need Adobe or Acrobat Reader. You can download for free HERE.
  • Do not ever print multiple copies of the same PDF document or tags. Every tag has a unique item number and wont scan correctly if duplicated. This could result in loss profits for the consignor.




  • NO WIRE HANGERS at GROWN ZONE. If you are in need of ADULT hangers, please email me. Clothing constantly falls off the wire hangers and DO NOT sell because of this never-ending problem. We do not have the man power to keep up with the amount of falling clothes. Not to mention, they stay dirty from the floor. We will NOT accept adult clothing on wire hangers. Please be mindful when hanging your clothing.
  • Please use the correct size hanger-(childrens or adults)
  • Top of hanger should be pointing to the left to make a question mark. (?)
  • Shorts, pants, skirts, etc should be attached to the top of the hanger at the waistband with safety pins at the top angles of the hanger (not the bottom)
  • Pin sets securely together by hanging the shirt first, then turn the hanger over and pin the pants by the waist to the backside of the hanger with the pins catching the hanger.  It is easy for sets to get separated if they are not pinned well.
  • Please gather & secure all hangers w/ a rubber band if you are using more than 1 hanger for 2 & 3 piece outfits.
  • Group small items such as socks, hair bows and onesies together in ziplock bags with the tag pinned to the outside of the bag.  Items in bag must have your consignor number written on the bag with permanent marker.


Attaching Tags

       Place tag in upper right hand corner of garment.
       Attach tag to garment with safety pin, 1 inch or larger--no straight pins please!
       Group small items together in baggies. Write your consignor number on all baggies with

           permanent marker in addition to your tag!
       If it is possible to pin tags to the toys then do so.  If not then tape the tag securely to the toy with

          clear packing tape.
       For multiple piece items, place small parts in ziplock bags and tape securely to the main item.

       Attach shoes together with a zip tie or curling ribbon if at all possible. Please do not put shoes in ziploc baggies unless absolutely necessary.


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