Kid's Zone & Grown Zone consignors receive 70% of the selling price on all sold items.

Steps for Consigning

1. Get your consignor number:

Click the "REGISTER" tab on the top menu and get your consignor number today! 


2. Start by gathering & hanging your items.

 Be sure to clean out under beds, in closets, cabinets, dressers, toy boxes, garages, etc! Between both sales, Kid's Zone & Grown Zone, we accept almost everything! Keep in mind, we are looking for excellent quality! 


3. Enter items & Print tags:

 Simply input a price, size and brief description for each item. Once items are entered click on "print tags". It is recommended that you filter to show only tags not generated. Select all that are not generated and click print.

Tags will print 8 to one sheet. Please be sure to print on plain white cardstock. Printer paper will not work. It is not durable enough to withstand the heavy shopping.


5. Attach tags to items:

Cut tags out attach to each item. You can use safety pins or a tagging gun. If you use a tagging gun, please only punch through a seam or garment tag. Do not make holes in the clothing that will damage. Use clear packing tape for attaching to items that you can't use tagging gun or safety pins. 


7. Drop Off:     

You can drop off your items to our sale location at Gateway Mall on one of the drop off days listed on the dates page. You must make an appointment by clicking on Drop Off while logged into your account. During drop off, you will sign in, bring your items inside, we will inspect for quality before placing the items on the sales floor.


7. SHOP the Consignor Pre-Sale:

    SHOP EARLY! All consignors shop EARLY at our Private Pre-Sale. Click on "DATES" from the top menu for exact dates and times. Consignors will receive their consignor presale pass during drop off.


8. Finish by picking up or donating your unsold items and collecting your check! Pick up IS OPTIONAL. 

 Pick up is OPTIONAL. We are a LIMITED-SORT event. All consignors will need to print an unsold item report and bring with you to pick up. This will help you find each one of your unsold items. Hanging items will be in SORT CODE order. Every tag will automatically print a SORT CODE in the top right hand corner. The sort code will be a letter and a number. (EX: A1) We will do our very best to make sure all other items are in the correct "department" to help make finding them easier. Please write down and keep handy your sort code once you print your first set of tags. 


Steps for Pick Up:

1. Arrive during the designated pick up time frame. We will NOT allow consignors in the building BEFORE the stated pick up time. Please do not ask.

 2. Be prepared, if needed, with your unsold items report and an ink pen. You can print this report by logging into your account, then click Event Navigation, Inventory Report. Please do not print this until the morning of pick up for the most up to date reporting.

 3. Find any of your items you want to pick up that are unsold based on the report. Be sure to check the LOST tags and UNACCEPTED ITEMS area. 

 4. Staff & Volunteers will be stationed at "check out" tables near the front doors. Bring your items to this table and ask a staff member to check your items by your consignor number and get your check. Consignors will not receive their check until their items have been checked. This is to ensure you leave with only your items. It is easy to reverse numbers and accidentially pick up someone else's items.


All items left at the close of "PICK UP DAY" will be donated promptly at the end of pick up. NO exceptions.



Acceptable Items
Anything related to babies, children, and/or parenting!

  • No clothing in bags!
  • Preemie to size 18 and Maternity clothing
  • Halloween Costumes (Fall event only) Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day,  Easter, 4th of July, Attire
  • Swimwear (Spring event only)
  • Gymnastics/ Ballet leotards, Dress-up clothes
  • Accessories  (hats, hair bows, socks, tights, belts, etc.), Shoes,  Rain gear, Slippers, Skates
  • Shoes must be CLEAN: scuff & dirt free
  • Toys, books, games, puzzles, videos, CDs,
  • Electronic Books, "Leapfrog" books and games
  • TVs, VCRs, clocks, telephones, etc. for kids
  • Barbie dolls, houses, clothes; Dollhouses, furniture, etc.
  • Polly Pocket dolls & houses
  • Legos, building blocks, Art Easels and equipment
  • Bottles, sippy cups, toddler bowls, plates, cups, silverware
  • Crib & Nursery accessories
  • (monitors, mobiles, lamps, wall art)
  • Rockers, Gliders, Changing tables, Swings,
  • High chairs, exersaucers
  • Child-size furniture, futons, bookshelves, toy boxes,
  • sand boxes
  • Bathtubs, Diaper genies, Unused Diapers and Swim Diapers
  • Outside play equipment, Bikes, ride-on toys,
  • play gyms, slides, cars
  • Safety equipment (gates, cabinet locks, outlet covers)












































Acceptable Items

Anything related to ladies, mens, teens, or
home decor & furnishings!
  • FALL & WINTER CLOTHING. ONLY 50 CLOTHING ITEMS MAX unless you have been cleared to bring more by Brittany Hicks. This is determined by your sell through rate & quality of items. 
    All clothing & shoes MUST NOT be older than 5 years! This rule will be strictly enforced!
  • Junior size 0 - Plus size 28 and Maternity Clothing
  • Formal Wear
  • Scrubs, business attire, sweaters, jackets, pajamas
  • Accessories (hats, belts, ties, etc)
  • Hair accessories (headbands, curling irons,
  • flat irons, hot rollers, etc)
  • Shoes (clean and like new condition only)
  • 6 pair per gender only!
  • Jewelry-any & all types. (baggies work wonders) Smile
  • Perfume & Cologne (Name Brand only)
  • Handbags & Wallets (of ALL shapes, sizes, brands, etc)
  • Any & All Tote bags
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Furniture (beds, dressers, couch, tables, chairs, etc)
  • Electronics (tv's, alarm clocks, cell phones, cd players, radios, dvd players, printers, etc)
  • Books, Games, Videos, CD's, Puzzles
  • Lamps, candles, wall decor, etc
  • Picture Frames, Art, etc
  • Decorative towels, shower curtains, rugs
  • Small appliances, canisters, dishes, silverware
  • Decorative pillows, curtains, bedding, linens














































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